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Rapeseed for oil and seed production

Until 5 years ago spring oilseed was a part of the breeding program, and 2 varieties: Lyside and SilverShadow became listed. However, since cultivation of spring oilseed rape is limited, both varieties have been withdrawn.

Today Knold & Top only works with winter oilseed rape. The variety WITT is on the market, and two new varieties Top 13 and Top 14 are expected to be listed within the next 2 years.

When cold crushed and unrefined, the oil from our white flowering varieties has a milder taste as compared to similar oil from yellow flowering varieties (gourmet oil, Danish Champion 2012).

Also the whole seeds from our varieties have a mild and pleasant taste. They are very suitable as an ingredient in breads – we hope to get the Novel Food permission for this application in 2023.

Otherwise the oil is used like rapeseed oil from yellow flowering varieties. When refined the oil from the two kinds taste very similar and the fatty acid composition is the same. Also the protein content and quality of the meal is the same in white and yellow flowering varieties.

WITT (first listed in 2013) is mainly used for production of gourmet oil, but can also be used for normal refined oil. The variety is relatively short and very easy to harvest. WITT develops a bit slowly in the autumn, and thus best suited for early and medium sowing dates.

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Top 13.

Listing is expected autumn 2023. This is a high yielding robust variety.

Top 14.

Listing is expected autumn 2024. In pre official trials this variety has shown yields second to none. Furthermore its tolerance to light leaf spot is very good.

Variety description on the PDF.

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