About us

Knold & Top ApS is breeding white flowering rapeseed.

Starting in 1996 on a hobby basis K&T became a real company from 2012. From the beginning the purpose was to test if the white flower character is linked to a higher feeding value as known from peas and faba beans.

Together with the yellow flower color in rapeseed, a group of bitter tannins are formed. This biosynthesis is blocked in white flowering varieties, and the bitter tasting tannins forming complexes with some of the proteins (lowering the feeding value) are absent. Instead of the bitter taste “of rapeseed”, the taste in white flowering varieties is much milder. Therefore in most cases vegetables of rapeseed having white flowers are tastier.

Our varieties originates from “old fashioned” crossings and selections. They do not contain GMO’s.

Knold & Top rent breeding facilities at Nordic Seed, Grindsnabevej 25, DK 8300 Odder.

This gives access to greenhouses, laboratory and field trial equipment.​

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