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The breeding began in 1996 on a hobby basis. The goal was to develop oilseed rape with a higher feeding value of the meal and less need of insect treatments. During the years the breeding developed into several new directions.

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In the year 2000 the first trial was made to compare insect behavior in white and yellow flowering rapeseed varieties. It was found that yellow flowers are 3 – 4 times more attractive to pollen beetles compared to white flowers.

In the years 2008 – 2010 we discovered the “reduced bitterness” which enabled us to develop tasty leaf vegetables from oilseed rape (homepage: www.colza.dk ). This trait is also a key factor for the mild taste of the cold-crushed, unrefined oil from our varieties.

Today a major goal is to breed varieties which can be used as a basis for gourmet food. Our products are varieties or seeds which other companies can use to produce foods such as rapeseed oil or gourmet oil.


Gourmet Oil

Oil made from seed of our first spring oilseed rape “Lyside” was awarded “Danish Champion” in 2012 among Danish cold-crushed unrefined rape oils. In 2018 oil from the spring oilseed rape SilverShadow got the highest taste score in a comparison to gourmet oil from a yellow flowering rape variety, both had been carefully crushed on the same oil mill.

Even if harvest and seed storage conditions together with an excellent crushing technique all have significant influence on the flavor of the final oil, taste of oil from our varieties seems to possess extra softness.  Our varieties are also used for the production of normal rapeseed oil.  


Gourmet seed

Unlike other oilseeds such as linseed, sunflower seed and sesame, whole seed from oilseed rape is not used as an ingredient in bread or other products. Why: Before ca. 1975 rapeseed contained high amounts of erucic acid which was regarded harmful to humans.

However, the last 30 years almost only low erucic acid varieties have been grown in Europe and most other countries. Furthermore, in old varieties grown before ca. 1980 the amount of glucosinolates in the seed was high (90 – 150 μ moles / g seed). This level of glucosinolates (GL) is known to be harmful to animals when rapeseed or meal is fed in large amounts.

Today the GL content is less than 18 μ moles / g seed, regulated by the European Union. In contemporary varieties, erucic acid and glucosinolates should not be a problem for human consumption of rape seeds. What remains an obstacle is their penetrating taste.

However, seeds from our varieties have a mild and pleasant taste and are very well suited for ingredient in breads and other baked products. So we try to get a permission to use those mild seeds as a new food ingredient.


Rape meal, the protein fraction

Rape meal is the by-product of the extraction of oil from rape seeds. It is a protein rich ingredient that is widely used to feed all kinds of domestic animals.

We think rape meal from our varieties has a slightly higher feeding value as compared to “normal” rape meal when the content of glucosinolate is very low. However, this statement is not yet proven.

Further to the goals of breeding varieties suited for gourmet foods we also have the ambition to make varieties for a more environment friendly cultivation. The Flower Power System is a cultivation method using white flowering rape as main crop and a yellow flowering variety as catch crop. This system can reduce the needs for insect treatments as harmful insects are much more lured by yellow flowers than white flowers.

Description of

The Company

After hobby scale breeding from 1996 the company ‘Knold & Top Plant Breeding’ was made in 2002. In 2010 this was replaced by two private limited companies ‘Knold & Top ApS’ and ‘Knold & Top Holding ApS’.

Knold & Top ApS is a private limited company owned by Knold & Top Holding Aps, also a private limited company. The breeding takes place in the Nordic Seed facilities, c/o Nordic Seed A/S, Grindsnabevej 25, DK 8300 Odder. Knold & Top benefits from a narrow cooperation with Nordic Seed especially regarding the breeding and testing of oilseed rape for oil. Inside horticulture Knold & Top cooperates closely with Vikima Seed, Industriparken 9, DK 4960 Holeby.

Income is mainly from seed sale and license fees. Participation in projects and consulting work also contribute to the economy. At the moment Knold & Top only deals with business to business sale.

In general our varieties for agriculture are marketed and sold through other seed companies or distributors.

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