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Spring Oilseed Rape: Lyside

The first variety from Knold & Top Plant Breeding is the spring oilseed rape LYSIDE.

Lyside became listed in Denmark in 2007 and in the EU in 2008. Lyside is made through classical breeding, the white or creamy flower colour has been transferred by repeated back crossings from the old Scottish forage rape Hobson into spring rape.

Flowers of Lyside spring oilseed rape
Flowers of Lyside spring oilseed rape

Description of LYSIDE spring rape, Danish Variety List

Taste of Lyside oils

It appears that high quality cold pressed unrefined oils of Lyside has an even better (milder) taste than high quality cold pressed oils from yellow flowering rape varieties.

Effect of flower colour on behaviour of pollen beetle

A report of trials made already will be added to this home page later. The report can be forwarded on request.
This summer the effect of main crop / catch crop on pollen beetles will be tested on a 30 ha field.

Where to buy seed of Lyside

Lyside is marketed in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by DLF-Trifolium.
Address: DLF-Trifolium, Ny Oestergade 9, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark - Phone: +45 46 43 03 00.

Lyside is marketed in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine by Saatbau Linz.
Address: Saatbau Linz, Schirmerstrasse 19, A-4021 Linz, Austria.

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